Friday, December 16, 2011

All a Facade, and Debating the Front Door

Our house is at once very old (110 years, give or take) and mostly brand new. Despite undergoing serious renovation, the house has certain things, such as our front door, that are still just a little off.

The door is missing an escutcheon, which leaves open a hole for cold air to gush through. The other problems are how the door is hung (poorly) and painted (poorly). We've also been debating the glass, which is great for natural light but not for privacy. I had added some window film for a compromise, but that didn't go over well. We got a quote for a new, all-wood door, and the total including installation was ridiculous. I think we'll just end up adding a curtain.

I want to paint the door, but, for now, this is what the front of the house looks like. Clearly the best thing about the facade is the brick, which is in great shape and about a thousand times better than the awful, awful formstone

Image: Charm City Home

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