Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fixing a Hole

In a post last month I mentioned that there was a mysterious hole in our front door. Just some one-by-two-inch hole, you know, there to keep things breezy. After some brainstorming with my mom, I decided I could plug it up with wine corks and wood putty.

When it came down to it, yesterday, I only had one cork so I also squeezed some wooden molding and pieces of wooden paint stirrers in there (getting resourceful). In the photo you see how wonky it looked mid-process. I puttied over the filler, and I still need to sand and paint. Combined with the privacy curtain I sewed, these improvements have cost me less than $3 (price of the cafe curtain rod).

Photos of the completed door, with actual wind protection and privacy, to come.

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